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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

At Last!

After a long break from blogging... at last I decided to create a new blog today!

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*still under construction...* see u people at Randau Ruai Kak Wai...:))

Monday, October 17, 2011

Farewell to Indu Emun Gaya BLOG..18.10.2011

Indu Emun Gaya blog could not create new postings and photos, I believe the quota is full...tHe EnD. To all iEg's readers and followers, thank you for reading my blog; even tho it's a simple blog. iEg main purpose creating blog is to record (my diary) beautiful, happy & sad moments with family, friends and loved ones.

IEG will come out with a new blog (when??); till then, Stay Blessed and Adious... (iEg is thinking)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Belated Birthday Dinner (Aunty Jean, Kak Wai & Sambek) : 01.10.11

A week past, yet happiest memories still lingers, only able to post it now.... why? Need to extract photos from friends cameras. It was the most 'kantoi' night for the 3 birthday ladies, thanks to the organizing committee especially mang SaA & Lene on their mischievous ideas. We (birthday ladies) were told to have a dinner at Chatterbox Coffee house... Mang AiE & sis Jean came earlier that night, (understood their hubby went much earlier in a separate car as they had to attend another friend's birthday that night); so poor AiE & sis Jean waited for the ladies to come, they waited but did not see any sign of other ladies who were supposed to come.. Initially, the plan was at 7:30 p.m. they were expecting the three of us to come at the same time. However, as usual iEg is never punctual...iEg called SaA, "I could not make it at 7:30 p.m., so I should be there about 8:10 p.m"; learning that I could not make it at 7:30 p.m., the two ladies were ushered by SaA to Lotus VIP Room, when they entered the room, they saw guests were already seated nicely in the private room, so they were "kantoi" (hubby seduai pan duduk manah) hehehe

Reached Mega Hotel, I went straight to Chatterbox, but did not see anyone, so I thought I must be early, then I called SaA, asked "where are the ladies", wait I'm still in the loo, I'll see you in a minute" answered SaA... so few minutes later she came then.....the rest of the stories, let's look at the photos captured....Enjoy!
Set of Menu.. ada nama kami 3 lagi ituew
welcomed by a shout of "surprise & happy birthday"
and applaused (waduh kena jugak saya yer!)
"peace no war" sign...with queen
Bday ladies (iEg aka Kak Wai & AiE aka Sambek)
iEg with Cath D..thks mang for coming
(ukai senangx2 mang Cath ka kuar malam, nadai permit)

Without further-do, the birthday dinner started with a prayer from sis Betty P (mamaSB) then the food was graced by bro Martin E...followed by birthday song, making a bday wish, blowing of bday candles, and cutting of birthday cake.
Creatively decorated Birthday Cake
quiet moment, thanking God for his blessings
an occasion would not be complete if we do not
acknowledge the presence of our Loving Heavenly Father
it is by God's grace we are able to celebrate..Thank you Jesus!
jap! me take a snap of the bday cake
Happy Birthday to sis Jean
Happy Birthday to Me (Kak Wai) & Sambek
nama tudah AiE memanah, di beri "Sambek" hehe
face expression while making "bday wish"
blowing of bday candles...
a Virgo's ladies style... sopan santun hehehe
nama hal iEg, sempat jeling menjeling....??
followed by Cutting of bday cake
hand in hand, together we cut
bday cake with sisterly love for one another
always respect the elder.. sis Jean 1st
iEg & AiE menyuap sis Jean
showing love & respect to elder sister
how lovely, her darling hubby
bro Martin M, nyuap enggau penuh kasih sayau
followed by iEg, di suap by sis Jean & mang AiE
as usual, iEg is always "lone ranger"
how romantik daddy Onell, kissing his wife
aaaa buka mulut besaix2 dear, with love
gambarx2 candid
nama endO utai ko mang AiE?
sis Jean seated at the other table
peda siko nyin (si baju chelum, cermin mata) minsy enggau hp 3G
nama endO utai sebut mang Cath, sampai semua terhenti?
Menu of the nite
semua sOdapx2...
Makaix2, pehut pun kenyang, the moment that everyone have been waiting for; ah! disini lah iEg aka Kak Wai merasa sungguh terkantOi dalam idup, adessssx2; let's roll the photos and see for yourself...iEg ka beragu "benci tapi rindu" sambil kita medax2 gambar seterusnya....."Birthday Gifts Moment"!
1st sis Jean, rec'd hers
darling hubby help to unwrapped
ta daaaa... it's not "vantage", similar
2nd, mang AiE aka Sambek turns
tu iyO... set of jug & tumbler, to serve us
when she gives demo on her beauty product MaryKay
Last...iEg aka Kak Wai's turn
(asai nerima xmas gift meda pemesai kutak)
full of curiosity inside me...???
Lene, lend a helping hand...
touchx2..saw the "Bonia" wording, can't help but
laugh, minta "Hermes", Bonia pulakkss
buka lipatan ruper-nyer hindbag "SemBonia"???
hey! this hindbag looks familiar...aahhhh!! me kena
"Gotcha"!! adessssss (geram tersangat!!)
everyone laughed their heart out, then I was asked to look into what's
inside the green familiar "hindbag"..
found a little box, wrapped so sweetly ... it's....
....a lipstick...
can't believe it, how do they knew that...
I need to get a new lipstick...
can't express my feelings, a Chanel Lipstick
suits my lip's color...Am so delighted, what can I say?
manyx2 thanks to mang SAA & Lene...Lobing you ladies
nyutaaaaaaaa 6...muuuuaahhhssss

Special photos from Birthday Ladies
...after the Birthday Gifts Moment
to complete the evening, Group Photos is aMust!
Only Ladies, Men jadi juhukamiha...Thanks Gents!
Like what they wrote..."Stay Young, Stay Vogue"
Kak Wai aka iEg, Sambek aka AiE and
Aunty Jean aka sis Jean
We were allowed to stay until 11:00 p.m., so we continue karoaking & dancing till the end.....thanking all those who have been very supporting, it was so fun, full of laughter and entertaining evening, two Mc's Betty and Abat make a great combination.....enjoy the rest of the photos....
Daddy Onell, with his country number
madi Martin E with his oldies song
stidi suara Capt. Bernard tu..
Abat duet with AiE
bini Capt. Bernad Majuin & Betty duet
si baju fink ituew..memang suka inter-frame
turn si baju fink (SAA) and mang Wa (Flora)
lagu cintan, al-maklum, seduai tu diatu benong
rindu, rinduan ngintu "taman rose" di ati seduai, benong mekar...
pasangan cukup bahagia..bro Martin M & sis Jean
Betty with winnie albert's number
"ambis ati"... ukai 2, tang 3 sida duet
nyaaa, nama utai melucukan Betty & SaA?
Sambil be-karoaking, yang lainx2 ituew betanda, bedansing on the floor...full of laughter
jom tengok & lihatx2 gambarx2
iEg shares a joke with Jeremy (ipar baru Kak Wai)
young chinese-bidayuh lad, mang Wa's boifren
tapi nemu jako iban....iEg belajar jakO bidayuh tapi fail belama
semua kunsintrit dansing...AiE, sis Jean & Majuin
mang Cath minsy sms enggau laling di tasik
night still young...peda si baju fink, mati lisin
munga tanda namO iEg & Majuin nyO neey?? hehehe
sis Agnes merening ari tisi, "life-partner" slu-dance
yang lebih shinnuuu, iEg, ngetup tunjuk jari meda
mangssx2 bisi "laling" enggau slu-dance...
tumpang kasih sayau ari mang queen & RMS
anak mami AiE & menantu James shinuuu ke
mami iEg aka Kak Wai... "solo" belama
Capt. Bernard & wife Majuin pun tumpang
shinuu ke Kak Wai, nadai "life-partner"... we care, we huggss hehe
sinang hati, maiOh orang sayau, let's dance
peda Abat a real entertainer.. sentiasa lucu
eh! ari jauh bisi gaya JLo, semak baka JLupis hahaha
si baju fink, baru bulih permit betanda...
seronok nyer mang AiE & SaA..jelingx2 kwn baru
si Agnes dari jauh
nyO nama sida tu betanda ke, sessi ketawa
peda si Jeremy...sampai nutup mulut....
Yeaa! one for the album before we "break a leg"..
Abat aka RMS wrapped the night with his fav. number
"lachau bejembi" hehehe
Faces who made the night a success & everyone leaving happy
organisers (SaA & Lene), Mc's (Betty & Abat)
they make a good team, thumbs-up guys
Fortunate Ladies, faces of the Bday Ladies
Kak Wai (iEg), Aunty Jean & Sambek (AiE)
Every good moment will have to end and;
good times may pass, but the memories will always remain 4Ever

Last and not least, iEg aka Kak Wai wish to thanked the organising committees and those who came that night esp. to the men (Martin E, Martin M, Capt. Bernard, James L, Jeremy Jr, Frank and Abat aka RMS) and of course kumangs... Lene, SaA, Majuin, Betty (MamaSB), queen (Emily), Wa (Flora), Cath D & newly member Agnes (welcome to the geng); not forgetting, manyx2 thanks to the One who had sponsored the dinner that night, he was the one who contribute the most, it was him who make this dinner a great one!! (Let his name stays forever in my heart). I can never be happier than this, even though I do not have "dear one" in my life, but I am so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful friends like all of you... Life Can Never Be Better.....till we meet again next year.... Stay Blessed Always!


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